asians vs western

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something for everyone.  be it a nice smile, cute face, sexy in jeans or boxer.  i used to have a thing for western guys.  for some reason i felt they were more manly, straight acting and masculine as compared to asians who bat on my team.  but as i grow older, i started to see the appeal in asians.  the similar culture and thinking.  the more pleasant body odour.  the fact that i am stuck in asia where there are plenty more asians as compared to caucasians.  slowly the illusion and hollywood brain wash crumbles.  i have also recently started to enjoy watching korean romance movies and the sexy korean singers like rain.  they have all this super male chauvinistic attitude, that are so so so cute.  if you are into the super Male Chauvinistic Pig (MCP) type (meaning if you are a submissive fantasising bottom like me) … try watching My Tutor Friend … see pics of the lead actor when you click more   

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