MultiClutch and Safari

Not sure how many of my readers are using Macbooks but here is a workaround for those who love their touchpad as much as i do. There is a program called multiclutch that allows you to configure extra gestures for different programs. The one i used most is cmd+w to close a tab or window when i do a rotate left and cmd+t to open a new tab when i rotate right.

Recently i found that it is no more working. Not sure why but it only happened after i moved my OS to my new SSD drive. Any case i was lucky to find from google that the reason is multiclutch does not work with 64bit application like safari. So the work around is to open Safari in 32bit.  This can be done by the Get Info box below.

So far i dont see any negatives to working in 32bit and i love having my gestures back in safari.

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