iPhone4 … good or bad industrial design?

It breaks …. good or bad design?

If you are wearing a non-saphire glass watch and you hit it against a metal railing. It cracks. Who you going to blame? If the wiimote slips out of your hand into the LCD TV and breaks it. Who you going to blame? Most westerners (meaning this is a generalisation and may not apply to all) will sue (class action style) and feels the company should have done something to prevent it. The phone is something that you use in a very mobile manner, and making it out of glass is not the best material.  Apple should have at least put a warning that it is glass and may break when subjected to impact rather than touting how many times harder than plastic it is (making it more brittle?) Am also surprised apple didnt do more drop tests and find similar results. Nevertheless, all new smartphone have at least one side complete glass. Dropping the phone, be it iPhone4 or any other touchscreen phone is never a good idea. At the end of the day what matters will always be:

  1. Price
  2. Overall features and functions
  3. Looks and feel

By most accounts if the above criteria meets your standard, it is no big deal to add an invisible shield or casing and taking care and personal responsibility not to drop the phone.

As for industrial design, as pretty as it is, i still cannot give it an A given that they did not take usage into account for the design. B+

Reception or deception?

The antenna on the rim was suppose to be a master stroke. Except they have to separate the 2 antennas to prevent overlapping of frequency and didnt realise it will be bridged by sweaty palms holding the phone. There are still a lot of theories out on whether this is just a software issue and if it affected the calls or just the signal strength. Nevertheless, common sense science does indicate that if there was a need to separate the 2 antennas, holding it might bridge that gap.

Again this can easily be solved by a case or apple’s bumper. Nevertheless, apple could very easily have resolved the problem if it was discovered as part of their industrial design. I am sure my idol Jon Ive could have easily come up with a way to make the phone still look incredible and sleek while isolating the joins from the palm when in use.

Score B-

Would i still get the iPhone4? Very high chance. But i will bet you that apple will have at least the second design flaw fixed by the next version.

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