work hard!!!! and be rewarded


although i took up this new job with the knowledge that i will not get any increment or bonus for the next 15 months, yesterday my boss told me that they are impressed with my performance and will be putting in a request for increment for me … effective 5 months after starting work.  was so happy i had 3 full meals yesterday and worked till 7pm.

i was already feeling a bit of the strain lately from all the work i have and still outstanding.  official, moonlighting and private (  but it is nice to be recognized.  works better than a break.  any case am looking forward to my manila trip next week where i will be going whale shark watching with my better half.  just thinking about it makes me want to work hard these few days and clear as much backlog as i have.

so …. any time left for exercise?  am glad i didnt put much weight on recently.  but if i continue to eat like yesterday i dont think i can maintain especially with the low level of physical work i am doing.

we will see ….

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