New Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is really nice.  Love all the unibody aluminum construction. And it is just amazing how few components it has. Just step back and think about it again, this is a desktop computer.

By the way, i plan to move all the technology posts to my new blog site which i have registered but not found time to setup yet.

2 thoughts on “New Mac Mini”

  1. awww…. don’t separate your tech stuff to another blog. I think this is what gives this blog its character… like stuff magazine for gay guys/ girls. 😛

  2. Oh i was inspired by your comment to keep the tech stuff … so there were a lot more such posts. But then i remember why i wanted to separate it out. That is so that more straight people can read my tech stuff posting. So may be i will think of a way to post to both sites. Any case has been too lazy and busy to setup the new site.

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