baked idea

Podravka, a European food company, recently received their annual
report from the folks at Bruketa & Zinic, but all the pages were
blank—until the book was baked. Yes, those clever fellows at Bruketa
& Zini? put together an annual report that was laced with
thermo-reactive ink. The initially blank pages displayed text once the
book had been covered in foil and baked for 25 minutes at 100°C. The
report was titled, Well Done, and we could not have thought of a better
pun if you held us upside down over an alligator pit and tickled us
with a fluffy feather, but it wasn’t done for just humor’s sake.

included recipe sections received the same treatment. When quizzed
about the strange collaboration between book and oven, the creators
said the recipes were works that required diligence and precision; to
get to those very recipes the potential chefs require due precision—a
Darwinian selection mechanism, if you will.  [dezeen via gizmodo]

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