No Regrets …. Korean movie

No Regrets …. Korean Gay romance movie about rich boy and poor boy. I have not seen it yet, but looks promising. Anyone saw this movie and like to give a review?

6 thoughts on “No Regrets …. Korean movie”

  1. I saw this film a couple months ago (downloaded via rapidshare links). It’s a great film over all, very realistic plot and is very similar to how gender affects even the most will-hearted person.

  2. Oh thanks … although not sure you want to announce to the world that you downloaded via rapidshare.

  3. actually, This film is shown in korea, It is very sensation. The ending of the film is happy.^^

  4. i suggest you watch it. i saw the film last month and i fell in love with it! no regrets is a must see movie in my book. i probably won’t get tired watching it again and again.

  5. I really liked the movie. I rented it from NetFlix in the US and now want to go buy it. As Alvin said, it has a realistic plot, and it also has good acting, music, and artistic film elements. It makes me feel that yes, love is possible even when up against bad odds (different socio-economic status in the film, but you can extrapolate to many other things), but that there are many bumps and challenges along the way. The film was well done and is worth supporting with your time and money.

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