Hot Bods 02 Dec 2007 every week on the straits times, there is an article on hot bods.   they will feature everyday guys (and gals) with hot bods and their diet and exercise regimen. 

Colleagues Fazly Hassan (left) and Hanafe Rahim, both 28 

Fazly – Height: 1.73m Weight: 62kg

Diet: I try to have noodles and pasta instead of rice, because rice is high in glucose and needs to be burnt off with lots of exercise. Noodles and pasta, however, help to keep the muscles lean. Before every meal, I ‘whack’ fruits – one banana in the morning and two oranges before dinner. Studies have shown that fruits help digestion.

Exercise regimen: I am a member of my organisation’s track and field team, so I run on weekends. At 7.30am, some of us set off on a 12km run at MacRitchie Reservoir. It is more fun when you have company. On weekdays, I do circuit training, alternating sprints and rest for about 2km. I try to do weights between the training, working on my legs, arms, torso and back.


Hanafe – Height: 1.73m Weight: 75kg

Diet: I generally prefer a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, so I try to avoid rice and have lots of meat. I have fish and chicken – particularly boiled – for dinner three or four times a week. I have a constant supply of fruits, mostly bananas and apples, in my fridge, thanks to my wife.

Exercise regimen: I do weights on alternate days between Monday and Friday. Each time, I focus on either the upper or lower body, training for both muscle mass and strength. When I don’t carry weights, I do pure cardio exercise. I have been carrying weights since secondary school, and it has become part of my life. 


Hot Bods 02 Dec 2007 

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