Sunday Hot Bod is back

Jan 17, 2010

Hot Bods

21, NSF (full time national service, aka army man)

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: Regular exercise is part of my lifestyle. I make it a point to exercise about three times a week despite my camp’s busy schedule. I do sprints, so my training is geared towards building speed and endurance. My weights training targets the muscles of the core and legs.

Diet: I love fast food and most local food but stay trim because of my active lifestyle. I eat fatty food in moderation, especially when I exercise less. To satisfy my craving for meat, I go for the lean parts.

One thought on “Sunday Hot Bod is back”

  1. yikes. He is only 21 but looks like he could be in his 30s…. he looks like he was “drained” of fluids like what you would see in vampire shows ><

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