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st_images_fit06m.jpg Banker, 22

Height: 1.63m

Weight: 45kg

Exercise regimen: I focus on cardio-vascular and resistance training, such as working on the treadmill, cycling and weight exercises for the triceps and biceps. I enjoy a weekly session of Pilates and also play beach volleyball with my friends on weekends.

Diet: Breakfast usually consists of milk and two slices of bread, with cheese and fresh fruit juices, like watermelon, apple or orange. I love soup-based meals, so lunch is usually noodles with soup or sliced fish beehoon.

I have rice only for dinner. I try to take more fruit and vegetables during meal times. Rich, gravy-laden food like laksa and curries as well as deep-fried dishes are a no-no. So, too, junk and fast food.

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