smart shelf design using magnet

I think magnet is one of the best element to use i design. It is invisible, non-messy, holds stuff but also can easily remove/detach it.  Designers should really consider it more.  Below is an example of kitchen shelf using magnet to hold up more containers. Elegant. Simple.

One thought on “smart shelf design using magnet”

  1. The problem with magnets for product design is (I should know I tried before, well at least for consumer electronics) the material used. Typically ferrite based.

    1) the material is expensive
    2) the material stops signals cold (I used it to isolate and remove the cellphone/ speaker noise/ disruption before).
    3) magnets mess up electronics and insulation is difficult and expensive
    4) magnet calculation kills my brain cells. ><
    5) a mechanical solution is usually a LOT cheaper and easier to execute and more reliable.
    (ie. if I were to design that without a magnet, I would just design a rotating lock. Same result… what if you put a electronic gadget on top of that? It mess up the data I would guess… It would seem like it needs a pretty high magnetic field to hold that up.). 😛

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