week 2 in hk ….

it is the SG national day holiday today, but am spending my first national day out of singapore i guess. not that it meant much to me other than a holiday. most of the time i forgot about it until i realise my friends are not working today.

weather is kind of gloomy today in hk, and i already started to “work from home”.  was suppose to put a brake on that for the first few months. but guess bad habits break hard.

on the up side, i did my run in the gym and had  salad for lunch.  growing to like the salad offered by www.dressedsalads.com.hk.  it is convenient located just downstairs  from my apartment but it sure is expensive.  basic salad of greens with 4 simple toppings starts from HKD58.  my usual combination set me back by about HKD80.  am thinking of just getting the basic then get canned tuna to add to it.  but the cost is about the same after.

oh well some pics to cheer everyone up.



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