mac news galore soon


as we draw closer to the macworld and specifically the keynote address by steve jobs, we can expect more rumours, fantasy, imaginations and steady climbing apple stock price. besides an ultraportable laptop, new iphone firmware and video rental, this latest rumour based on apple’s own patent filing is kind of interesting.

when i first saw the patent drawing i was thinking this is the most stupid patent. why waste one screen and have another screen built into a docking station. most docking station replicate ports and power supply, and kept cost low. but when i saw this fake photos, then i thot may be it is not that bad an idea after all.

especially if

  1. the ultramobile notebook has a very small screen compared to the docking station
  2. the notebook does not have HD built in. rumours are that it is flash based so at most 32gb storage
  3. will be cool if the dock is a full blown iMac and when the notebook docks, all the processors and ram can be utilised together.

well these are all speculations. am sure from experienced, the imagination of most mac fanboys have gone so wild that it is hard for apple to match. let’s just go with a nice thin ultra portable notebook that is not too weak to run parallels and winxp for a start. will be the first to get one.

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