mid week inspiration and musing

Now that i have recovered from my surgery and removed the infection, i am back to training.  Feels good to be able to exercise, get tortured and enjoy the muscle ache that follows without falling sick.  But it has been leaving me tired at night and not able to do much of my freelance work.  Am also trying to show myself more in the office instead of just working from home.  That just mean my part time work are piling up real fast and real high.

Nevertheless, i will try to put in some exercise at least everyday for the next few weeks.  Am trying to diet too, but that has proved to be more difficult than i thought.  Thus i will continue to inspire myself with photos of young lean tone cute man and remind myself from drifting into a tummy uncle.  Sounds like uncle tobby mixed with teletubby.

On a separate note,  i have downloaded the developer iphone 3.0 Gold Master firmware and installed it on my iphone.  Currently syncing.  Cant want to try it out.



2 thoughts on “mid week inspiration and musing”

  1. hi,
    what is the url where you downloaded the iphone 3.0 goldmaster firmware? is your iphone jailbroken already?



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