somethings cannoot be replaced

interesting article in gizmodo. the eBook is one of the technology that is suppose to be really taking off next year .. or will it. while they have got most of the technology right at about the right price, real life experience seem to say that what people miss most is the physical contact with a book, the pages and a sense of how thick the book is, how much have been read, and how much more to go. while electronically these can be displayed, it cant replace the tactile feeling. i guess very much like how a normal keyboard is vs a flat touch sensitive “plate” as a keyboard. nevertheless i think it is the way of the future and it will still revolutionalise books, magazines and newspaper even if it is not in 2008. physical books will still be around for many more years but will become more of a … nostalgic thing especially for the older generation who still craves the tactile feel. article in gizmodo

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