last day of medical leave

i have been away from work and exercise for many days … almost a month actually.  and that does not include my vacation in manila.  today is the last day of my medical leave.  going back for a check up at noon and i should be all cleared for work tomorrow.  although i started some of my freelance work yesterday, my engine has been slow to start. having to take naps after breakfast and lunch, i feel tired easily.

but i cant wait to getting back some exercise. just hope i dont over do it and put myself back on the sick bed.

but i still hope to achieve the killer bod in the shortest time … although my friends know for how many years i have been talking about it.  so it really is the longest time instead of shortest.  am sure i can count on my lazy bum to slow down my training.

so a nice bod remains a pipe dream and i continue to stare at photos for inspiration.


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