iphone iphone where are you

still waiting for my iphone what is on its way from the US. but i already know it is on the new OTB 1.1.2 and bootloader which means it cannot be unlocked for use in SG. it will thus at most be a … ipod touch. any case with 1.1.3 on the horizon, most of the effort has switched to ….. wait for 1.1.3? the rumours were that the 1.1.3 was on the old bootloader. doesnt it all just …. not make sense! sigh i want my iphone !!!!!! ooo … forgot to tell you guys about the rumoured new features in the new firmware. but anycase even if you have a working iphone, you cant upgrade … not so easily … so HA.

  • Edit Home Screen
  • Drag Application Icons
  • New Google Maps Menu
  • New Google Maps Options
  • Google Maps Locate Me Feature
  • SMS Multiple People
  • New Bookmarks Menu
  • Add Bookmark to Home Screen

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