Randy Blue’s Tai Lee

Randy Blue is a gay porn website and the model/actor below is Tai Lee. If you google Randy Blue Tai Lee,  you will be able to find the rest of his pictures in full glory or even his video in action without having to subscribe to Randy Blue.  If you want me to send you his video, add a comment with a valid email. (sorry lost the video).



26 thoughts on “Randy Blue’s Tai Lee”

  1. hi there. it’s my first time to visit your blog. you have a clean layout. i like it. i clicked the link from Discreet Manila and found my way here. so i just wrote something here to leave a friendly comment. you can view my fs profile to know more about me – allensanjuan@yahoo.com. along with that, i was wondering if you can send me the video of tai lee. hehe. thanks a lot. be safe. peace, happiness, freedom.

  2. Sorry that was so long ago, i already lost the video. But you can try to google for it.

  3. hi there, i was happy that i was able to see your blog, mind if you send his videos i’m an asian also and this guy is definitely hot i want to him in action, thanks so much..

  4. In this video he cums alot…! Tai LEe is HOT ! I love buff asian guys who arent hairy liek Tai LEe. He’s so perfect. Who says asian have small dicks ?

  5. nice body. hope we meet someday to have fun together in my own pad. punta ka dito pinas para magsex tayo.

  6. hi

    i make wrong my mail is xxxxxx (removed by admin)
    for dvd or video of this wonderfull men

  7. pls send me all about Tai Lee, I really love this boy, so menly, asian, handsome, sexy!!

    I really wanna cum him, fuck him :)) canthohm at gmail.com

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