wii – eeeeee

those of you who think a wii is another name for your little brother then you are reading the wrong blog. but if you are like the many who wanted to get a wii but cant find one or cannot bear to pay an over price for it, then this is another reason to wait and eventually still pay for it. while i cannot publicly endorse hacking or mod, but news has it that the wii has been more fully “modded”. allowing you to backup your games and potentially homebrew applications. the wii and wiimode is really a very revolutionary device, much like iphone, i think we will all look back at 2007 as the year these 2 devices started to change the world of electronics and gadgets.

Picture and News from gizmodo

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2 thoughts on “wii – eeeeee”

  1. I personally owned a wii and I feel it really rocks! The games although simple, its highly interactive and I love it for that! Party games really kick ass as well! So anyone who loves interactivity will love the wii. Just the the mods… are alittle unstable but I think its getting better.

  2. cool. my partner had one while he was around. we used to bring it to parties. and that was when it was first launched. can see how the straight guys were all interested and some of the girlfriends were also playing. just that i have been so busy traveling and working and now that i have moved back with my mum, cant bring myself to buy one.

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