viral infection …. flu?


was down with some sort of viral infection from a week ago till now.  still having a bit of sore throat. it always happens when i am in the thick of my exercise program. may be it is over exercising causing my immune to be low. but hey, flu is in. cock-pig-man flu (avian, swine, human variant).  may be also cause i dont fully recover before i start again.  like i am going gym today for a torture by my Master (trainer). feel bad putting him off for so long.

am also thinking about what i should do with this blog.

One thought on “viral infection …. flu?”

  1. although I’m sure the thousands of blog readers would miss the cute pictures and the techie stories, I think you should ask yourself if posting these things energizes you or drains you. And give yourself an honest answer.

    and I don’t think you have swine flu! I suspect more a case of general angst over what to do next in life.

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