last blog here?

i used to be a member of the guy4men website. some of you might know about it.  but recently they sold the whole site to another site but letting all the accounts merge into the new site.  the problem however, is that the new site is horrible.  i missed the old simple layout and design.

so i have been contemplating creating a site of my own and putting it on which means i have to move this blog somewhere or close it down.  after all it isnt really getting that much traffic.

not sure how successful another “dating” website will be. but it might be fun to try.

2 thoughts on “last blog here?”

  1. I see why you might want to use the name “formanz” as a name for a dating website, but I like your blog too. Why not include it as a sub-blog of the new formanz? Although it might be a total pain to move all your blog entries. Or how about a sub-website? you could create a new formanz, commercial or whatever, and have a subdirectory, something like formanz/mave. You don’t even have to have a link to that directory on your main site, so only your friends would know about it. And it might be easy just move the whole site to, essentially a different domain (even if it’s just a subset of the same domain)

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