does sweat turns you on?

sexy torso

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i always thot looking at some inspirational photos like this will help me to train up and make it more bearable when i go on my diet.  not exactly very successful.  but it does makes the day a little better. back to the subject matter … does sweat turns you on?well i thot i read somewhere in a study that men’s sweat turns a woman on.  what turns women on usually does the same for gay men.  but i must say the human body is such a complex chemical factory.  generally when i am not horny, i love a nice smelling man.  someone who just showered, or with a hint of perfume smell.  ever walk past this elegant and well dressed man on the street and you catch a whiff of his smell and it gives you an instant hard-on?


well when i am already turned on …. what keeps it hard is the sweaty and musky man smell.  like someone after gym, or a run.  funny thing is … right after i cum and the tertestorone level has dropped back to normal, immediately i will want a nice shower and back to smelling nice again.  do you have the same experience? 

sexy dog tag and jeans 

3 thoughts on “does sweat turns you on?”

  1. It sounds fantastic. The question is – this post is absolutely new and original, isn?t it? It seems to me I’ve saw it somewhere before.

  2. well … may be the topic of discussion is common. but the post is all my lousy grammar and spelling.

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