micro projector

this dell projector is so small, cost S$799 and has 50 lumens ratings.

is just so cool.  can use it for in room movie watching or for mobile presentation.

i think they will sell a ton of it.  am so tempted to just get one …. but resisting

2 thoughts on “micro projector”

  1. i chanced upon your blog few months back but forgot to bookmark it (yes im stewphid!). i was trying to google u but cant seem to remember ur blog’s name (im anesthesia induced thats why ive got poor memory, lols). thanks to tony’s blog i found you again yay! i like this blog, im glued. btw are you pinoy or singaporean? well i guess i will have to brows thru your archives when i have time. keep on posting.

  2. thanks for the comment. i am singaporean. appreciate the comment, helps me keep the blog going. do recommend to your friends too. :)

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