coming out …..

last night i had dinner with a guy i know briefly.  sold him an iphone before and helped him jailbreak it.  we chatted a bit previously and after knowing a bit about my IT and project management background he suggested that i help him on a freelance basis with a project in manila.  last night he bought me dinner and further discussing a business opportunity.

of course he is cute, young, well to do …. married with a son. after dinner while discussing of manila, property etc, he was asking why dont have i a girlfriend in manila or singapore. as a shy guy then has so far only come out to people on the net or sms, i gave an excuse like i am too busy to even have time to watch a movie.

been thinking about it.  if i continue with this lie, i dont think the relationship, be it business or friendship will develop much more.  so i think i am going to come out to him via sms.  yes, i am still too shy or embarrassed to face someone face to face and come out.

well if it didnt go too well, i am sure i will update this blog with it.

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