coup no. hilom (healing) yes.

manila soldiers

if you are into men in uniform, then you are in luck in manila.  but if you are into more peaceful healing and relaxation from some nice strong hands, try out the latest Men’s massage place in manila.  It is located at QC, near a very nice pub called Moomba.  the website is still under development, and the massage place is just starting its soft launch.  give it  check if you are stressed from all the coups going around …. hilom 

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  1. Thanks dude. Am using wordpress and i change the theme once a year or there about. Also i have no intention at this moment of testing out every browser support and opera is definitely 5th (safari, firefox, chrome, IE … not in any order) in line if i were to test them. Not to mention having to test it on iPad and iPhone as well. Still appreciate your subscription and future comments.

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