12,911 days old today

almost 13,000 days on earth (calculate yours) and i not quite sure what i have done or achieved.  at least not played or enjoyed and experienced enough i think. then again, i do a lot of it in my fantasy land.

started to rediscover facebook again today.  it is actually very much like a glass house.  no privacy at all.  all your friends see what you do online with facebook.  scary.

will be going up to KL today with bil (bro in law). will be in the car while he drives.  will be mostly work, jogging, eating and soaking in the tub in cyberia. hope it wont be too stressful a trip.

2 thoughts on “12,911 days old today”

  1. he he he … yeah i was just thinking about that today …. it will be sometime in Mar 09. let’s EAT. am hungry …. dieting always makes me want to eat.

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