weirdest movie sequel

i must say this is the weirdest movie sequel idea i ever heard.  cant wait to see it. 

so titanic the movie was based on historical events.  it has the whole history epic make up.  then they do a sequel where they find Jack (leonado) frozen undersea.  got him up, reanimated him, as in bring him back to life.  he escaped and is caught in the “future” where he finds Rose already dead.

is like from historical epic, to sci-fi triller.  and it is staring leonado as well.  i actually think leonado is a very capable and good actor.  so no way is this a B grade ripe off.

try looking for the triller and check it out.

2 thoughts on “weirdest movie sequel”

  1. This is a spoof trailer. There will be no such movie. Basically, someone had the imaginitive idea for a “sequel” to Titanic and got snippets of movies where DiCaprio starred in to create a trailer.

  2. oh really? damn … and i though hollywood was able to break away from the box and come up with something so imaginative. the snippets trailer was very well done i must say.

    thanks for telling me … before i end up telling everyone like a fool.

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