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Tron Legacy

I still remember i was very very young when the original movie was showing. I think more than 20 years ago. I am not sure if i ever saw the whole movie.  Was too young to go to the movies on my own and my dad doesnt watch english movies. Must say this poster does looks cool.

medical mystery solved!

ok, this explains it all.  went to see doctor again.  so i have a cyst infection in my rear.  the infection causes a low grade fever which explains why the last 3 weeks i have been feeling weak and muscle sore even though it was not a full blown flu.

have been on 2 different antibiotics last 3 weeks, so am another one now.  a second generation one according to the doctor.  if it still does not recover, an operation to drain it will be required.

at least i see myself getting back to being healthy for exercise again and not feel weak on and off the last 3 weeks.

finger crossed no ops.

viral infection …. flu?


was down with some sort of viral infection from a week ago till now.  still having a bit of sore throat. it always happens when i am in the thick of my exercise program. may be it is over exercising causing my immune to be low. but hey, flu is in. cock-pig-man flu (avian, swine, human variant).  may be also cause i dont fully recover before i start again.  like i am going gym today for a torture by my Master (trainer). feel bad putting him off for so long.

am also thinking about what i should do with this blog.

Riding motorbike keeps your brain young … and make you look sexy

TOKYO – RIDING motorcycles helps keep drivers young by invigorating their brains, the scientist behind popular ‘Brain Training’ computer software said on Wednesday, citing a new scientific study.’The driver’s brain gets activated by riding motorbikes’ in part because it requires heightened alertness, Mr Ryuta Kawashima said after his research team and Yamaha Motor conducted a string of experiments involving middle-aged men.


‘Mental care is a very big issue in modern society,’ said Mr Kawashima. ‘I think we made an interesting stir here as data showed you can improve your mental condition simply by using motorbikes to commute.’ — AFP

Read article here

Northwest Airlines selling Penis on its snack menu

ATLANTA – A CNN anchorwoman has caused controversy in the United States after a live broadcast announced that an airline was now selling ‘penis’ on its flights.Zain Verjee was supposed to be reporting that Northwest Airlines had begun selling peanuts on flights when she said the word ‘penis’ three times rather than ‘peanuts’.

‘Northwest began serving penis this month as its merger partner Atlanta-based Delta airlines has done for years,’ Ms Verjee is reported to have said in a article.

A number of versions of her faux pas have been uploaded the video sharing website YouTube and become an internet sensation with more than 700,000 views on Wednesday.

Pundits have mused that the caption running across the bottom of the screen may have led to the mistake – it read ‘Nut on Northwest flights’.

Male lizards fake gender


MELBOURNE – YOUNG male lizards in South Africa imitate females to fool aggressive older males into leaving them alone, in an example of transvestism in the natural world, researchers have found.

The lizards not only avoid fights but gain access to females under the nose of their more macho rivals, the South African and Australian researchers discovered.

They found that young male Augrabies flat lizards delayed displaying the extravagant coloration of sexually-mature males until they were able to defend themselves adequately.

‘Experienced males will chase and bite their young rivals,’ said associate professor Martin Whiting of Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand.

‘By delaying the onset of colour to a more convenient period, these males, termed she-males, are making the best of a bad situation.’ Australian National University associate professor Scott Keogh said opting to become transvestites for a period offered young males a dual advantage.

‘They can avoid potentially dangerous bouts with dominant males and still have access to normally inaccessible females,’ he said.

But, as with large hands and an Adam’s apple in the human world, there is a flaw in the lizards’ transvestite transformation.

Dominant males can detect transvestite’s male hormones with their sensitive tongues, even if they are taken in by their female appearance.

University of Sydney researcher Jonathan Webb said this meant the she-males needed to be nimble to avoid advances from dominant males smitten by their fake female allure. ‘Males are fooled by looks, but not by scent,’ he said.

‘She-males are able to maintain this deception by staying one step ahead of a prying male, and thereby avoiding a nosey tongue that might give the game away.’ The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society. — AFP

coming out …..

last night i had dinner with a guy i know briefly.  sold him an iphone before and helped him jailbreak it.  we chatted a bit previously and after knowing a bit about my IT and project management background he suggested that i help him on a freelance basis with a project in manila.  last night he bought me dinner and further discussing a business opportunity.

of course he is cute, young, well to do …. married with a son. after dinner while discussing of manila, property etc, he was asking why dont have i a girlfriend in manila or singapore. as a shy guy then has so far only come out to people on the net or sms, i gave an excuse like i am too busy to even have time to watch a movie.

been thinking about it.  if i continue with this lie, i dont think the relationship, be it business or friendship will develop much more.  so i think i am going to come out to him via sms.  yes, i am still too shy or embarrassed to face someone face to face and come out.

well if it didnt go too well, i am sure i will update this blog with it.

feeling old and tired

may be i am just tired. need longer time to recover after each exercise session.  was suppose to go jogging with some friends today.  and it was usually me who insist on going very early. but i overslept till 7am … our meeting time.  but in defense, i was awake at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, then 7am. skipped the 6am where i was suppose to get up and get ready.

yawn …. well may be i can do some cardio in the gym after sending mum to church.  

quiet time in manila

am finally done with the army field camp exercise.  might just miss it.  am now in manila for a week of vacation. but i am actually more stressed than ever.  my sideline work has piled up over the 2 weeks i was in the military.  day job also been sending me some emails that i might have to respond too. 

nevertheless, i have started reading Quiet Time … the book i mentioned a few posts back.  not too bad.  will strike a chord with most singaporean gay men in the late 30s.  although given gay life experiences can be rather typical at times, most gay men will find there are some aspect of the stories somewhere they relate to.