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Magic Mike …

  • Channing Tatum, over growth school boy from the rough neighborhood in movies like Step Up and She’s the man
  • Alex Pettyfer, confident sexy british prince from movies like Beastly, Alex Rider, I am Number Four
  • Matt Bomer, white collar, suit, openly gay gorgeous eyes from tv show White Collar
  • Joe Manganiello, my dream werewolf from True Blood
  • Matthew McConaughey, the texas cowboy from …. doesn’t matter

Must say the casting is good, as they each has their own image and style that is different.

Chris Evans, Captain American

I saw this Chris Evans looking guy in the gym this morning and i was so inspired to extend my stretching just so that i can sit around and gawk at him doing weights.  And i was referring to the pre Captain American Chris Evans. While i wont complain if i am given Captain American, but if i have a choice, i much prefer his Fantastic Four and Cellular days.

Below are some photos of him on the set of Captain America. Now between Captan American and Ryan Reynolds of Green Lantern, who do you prefer?

Before Captain American …. so much hotter.