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2011 …. 2012

Don’t think i have ever posted a photo of myself on this blog before. Frankly was embarrassed by my physique. But i have been jogging rather regularly this second half of 2011 and today i did my best 10km run ever under 54mins. So i thought i post one of my photos taken sometime in the last few months. There is still a tummy with love handles and i do not have developed chest or arms either. On the bright side i think i am very good to cuddle and hug. (any takers?)

But starting next year, i will complement my jogging with weight training. Will invest in a Personal Trainer again. Hope by end of 2012, if the world has not ended, i get to finally post a more tone body pic.

Hope my blog readers had a fruitful 2011, continue to make today count and may the new year bring health, fitness, passion and happiness.

exercise for that bod

I may have lost 20 lbs in the last 4 months, but the spare tire around my waist is still there and i don’t look any where near defined or toned. On top of that, the month of Nov was almost a complete break for me with only 3 serious runs logged. As such i have to skip my Dec Singapore stand chart run.

Well, i am feeling better now. I should restart my engine. Get back on the track and do my run. Will hope to also kick start my gym and weights  training as jogging alone will not give me the toned body. Hope the december holiday will not affect my training much. Actually it should be a lifestyle.

Will see if i am successful or not by next summer.

I discovered this shop in Guangzhou when i went over for meeting on Friday. I fell in love with it. It is just like Muji but this is a China brand. Instead of mostly grey, it uses lime green as its colour. The design are simple, clean cut and functional.

I purchased a travel digital weighing machine, a double wall tea bottle and a pill box. If i have capital, this is exactly the kind of shop i would love to open after i fell in love with the Muji concept.


iOS5 beta now?

As a registered developer, i have access to the iOS5 beta now. I have it on my iPad 2 already simply because i cannot jailbreak it. However, i have JB my appleTV and my iPhone4. iPhone4 iOS5 beta 1 is already jailbroken however it is a tethered one. I think the chances of having to reboot my iPhone that is running on a beta os is very high and so i am not keen to do it.

But there are so many new features in iOS5, it really is tempting. One of the feature i am so hoping to test out is the airplay mirroring of the iPad2 to appleTV. But with my JB appleTV i get to play so many more videos directly on my TV.

Then there is Lion ….. just cant wait.

Hunk on green field

Am currently on vacation in NZ South Island. Just did skydiving today and it was AWESOME. The experience and the scenary was simply breath taking. Yesterday i just did my first Glacier hike. Dont think it will be my last. Overall the scenary in NZ is just stuning.

inspiration for monday

Just did a 7km run. Managed to run at least 5km the last 2 days as well. Hope i can keep it up. Targeting to complete the sundown half marathon in May in last than 2hr 30mins. Yes i know that is not a very difficult target. But given my current fitness level, it still takes some consistent training to meet that target.

end of fairy tale?

The last one week was what i call the 2nd most dramatic period of my life. It is no way near my major life drama almost 10 years ago, but it was short, intense, sweet and bitter. It was a roller coaster ride that brought me to the sky and then let me free fall with no safety net. It was sleepless in seattle meet you’ve got mail with no fairy tale ending.

Guess what cushioned the fall? Crisis in the office. Took my mind off my personal fantasy so that my career dont nosedive at the same time.

Looks like 2011 will be a turbulent year with lots of changes in store as well. So for you guys out there complaining about lack of excitement, be careful what you wish for.

Positive Voices: Yogie Wirastra

This is a very interesting and positive interview with a 28 year old HIV + gay man.

It was a double blow for 20-year-old Yogie Wirastra who found out he was HIV-positive shortly after his boyfriend was killed in a traffic accident. That was eight years ago and for many years he did not tell anyone about his infection until four years ago when he finally told someone – a close friend.

Just two months ago, Yogie came out to his father, whom he wasn’t close to, as being gay and HIV-positive. To his surprise, his father told him that he was sorry – not because he is positive, but because he was not there to comfort him when he (Yogie) received his test result.

Worth reading in full. Inspiring and gives hope to those in depression.

Full interview in Fridae

iPad, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

Just some current thoughts on my gadget situation. I bought the Macbook Air in Singapore recently. Was initially planning on the 11″ 128gb and 4gb RAM. But the RAM upgrade would mean i cannot do any impulse purchase from the shop. So i decided on the 2gb RAM version. It turns out to be a good choice. The only reason i wanted more RAM was to run Windows 7 in Parallels. But i just saw an youtube video that Win7 in Parallels run pretty fast on 2gb RAM on the MBA. Reason is that the SSD drive makes swapping very fast although not as fast as RAM. But the MBA is about compromising for the size and putting all factors together including cost, size and performance, the 2gb RAM and 128gb SSD is properly the best combination. There is one caveat. SSD currently have limited write cycle lifespan and using it for swap drive will quickly use that up. There is also another issue about SSD slowing down after many read/write cycles and require a format but this seem to be something that apple has taken care of already.

Now, back to my situation. Ideally, one should need only a powerful machine at home and one portable for traveling. I was planning on selling my MBP but so far there has been no taker. The reason could be because it is a very powerful machine and i wasnt looking to sell it cheap. It is a 15″ Core i7, 4gb, Hi-Res, 128SSD (swap in myself) AND 500gb 7200rpm internal drive. I took out the DVD drive and have it in an USB casing. Any case it is more powerful than any mac mini on sale and i am not going for the Mac Pro, so i will just keep it as the powerful home machine.

Now for MBA and iPad. The overlap is big here, but the non-overlap is also small but significant. The MBA is straight forward light and small computer. The iPad on the otherhand is a totally different device and has the following unique features:

1. It is much better device for taking notes in meetings than a laptop.

2. As a mobile device, you can use it standing or without a table. Example in site meetings.

3. The touchscreen allows for drawing and quick notes.

4. The multitouch allows for apps with very unique interaction.

5. Much better device for reading (magazines, pdf and ebooks) and viewing photos.

6. Much better device for games.

7. Longer battery life.

8. Great for the bath tub (with a waterproof case over it)

Having said all that, i still find myself not using the iPad as much as i should. For now i guess i will resign myself to traveling with the MBA and iPad and office laptop.

Chris Evans, Captain American

I saw this Chris Evans looking guy in the gym this morning and i was so inspired to extend my stretching just so that i can sit around and gawk at him doing weights.  And i was referring to the pre Captain American Chris Evans. While i wont complain if i am given Captain American, but if i have a choice, i much prefer his Fantastic Four and Cellular days.

Below are some photos of him on the set of Captain America. Now between Captan American and Ryan Reynolds of Green Lantern, who do you prefer?

Before Captain American …. so much hotter.

I need my own place

Am hoping to have my own place when i move back to Singapore next year. Staying with mum can be a be inconvenient at my age and does not help in my love life. Will definitely look forward to being able to get outcall massage in my own place after that.

Found the below Thai Masseur in planetromeo website.

Does a car make you more desirable?

Was tempted to sell my car as i was not in Singapore the past 1 year. Then occasionally i am tempted to upgrade my car …oh may be to a convertible sports car (ahem cc). Then again i want the carefree, no commitment, live anywhere, kind of lifestyle.

Any case since i was not able to sell my car, i am likely to keep it till i am back in Sg next year. One of my new resolution/goal for next year is to drive my car to Malaysia more often. I should not constrain myself to tiny Sg. In HK people go to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau or Zhuhai all the time. In Manila, driving 2 hrs to Tagaytay just for lunch is considered normal. Why should i restrict myself within Sg.

recovering a few hours a day with digital cleansing

I have started on a digital cleansing of my lifestyle and it is helping me recover 2 hrs a day as well as a much needed peace of mind. This is all thanks to the 4-hour work week audio book from Timothy Ferriss.

Steps i have taken:

  1. Turn off all email push notification. I used to get stressed and irritated when i hear the phone vibrate or beep as it receives emails. It often disrupted my sleep or movie watching. I am learning to resist checking my email every 10 mins and with push notification off, i just check my emails once or twice a day at home. At work i have email on all the time as i work on that like task list. But with push notification off, i dont stress over emails outside of work hours.
  2. Remove most news and tech blogs from my google reader list. I used to have a few hundreds of unread articles a day in my reader list. Many of the news and tech blogs also repeat the same evens. Example 80% of my unread articles this morning is on Microsoft revealing a whole array of Windows Mobile 7 phones. One is enough. I have pared down rss feed to a minimum by selecting only 2 to 3 tech blog sites and removing all news feed. Will manually check the news if i need.
  3. Unsubscribe from podcasts. I used to have a lot of podcasts from news to tech podcasts. A lot of them get downloaded but never had time to listen to. For tech podcasts, a lot of them are also repeating the same news. Have decided to unsubscribe from them, may be save 1 or 2.

Now i feel i have recovered at least 2 hrs a day and i feel lighter mentally. But it is important to fill up that recovered time and one of the thing i have always put off on doing with the excuse of no time is exercise. Thus the goal is to lighten my digital information load and channel the freed up time to regular exercise. Let’s see how it goes and how long i can sustain it.  Will need the below inspiration to keep me going.

New idol and an audio book

I have a new idol and his name is Timothy Ferriss. As i type, i am downloading this best seller book The 4 Hour Work Week on itunes. I have not heard it yet, but i pretty much know what it is going to be like. It will be similar to the Rework book that i like.

Do note if you are planning on buying the book, go for the new expanded edition. I was too hasty and bought the original version. Am very reluctant now to pay even more for the expanded edition.  But will listen to the original first and decide.