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Photoshop CS2 for free

If you are looking for legitimate program to do some graphics and photo editing, and want a free one, this cannot be any better. I was just spending the weekend looking at the various options and was already about to put in an order for Corel Paintshop. Although that would be the latest version, and i am currently trying the trial first. I am going to get this CS2 free and see if it meets my basic needs. That will save me some bucks.

*UPDATES* It seems Adobe has disabled the link.

Gizmodo article


Win 8 and new machines … iMac competitors

I am really looking forward to the launch of all the new surface tablets, laptops with detachable and touch screens and All-In-One PCs (ala iMac) that has touch screens that can be tilt between flat (or close to) and vertical. With Apple leading the clean design, other manufacturers are also upping their design even if one can argue them copying apple or following apple’s lead.

Microsoft … the new Apple

As apple goes more and more main stream, they are getting more cautious with their roll out. The enhancements are incremental, especially in software.

Once in a while, apple still have some surprises in the hardware, but gone are the days where i get terribly excited by what they have announced.

Microsoft on the other hand is taking all the risks. From a major departure of UI with Metro UI to the well executed (based on what i have read) new office. Even the UI for the new office has that apple simplistic feel to it. It is like back to basic. With technologies like Kinect, Surface, the table as well as the tablet, and Office 365, they are coming out with more exciting products than apple.

Benq Joybee GP2 Mini Projector

The other key feature of my new place, a mini projector from Benq. The latest model is a LED 1280×800 resolution. Super small and portable, fast on and off and quiet due to the low heat generated and longer life of the LED projection. Other features include

  • Supports iPod and iPhone TV/out and charging dock
  • Has 1gb internal memory for storing photos, music and videos for playback
  • Supports for portable battery operation 3hrs / 1hr (eco/normal mode)
  • Has SD card reader built-in, HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Support USB display mirroring on Windows (can’t find driver for Mac) without the need for VGA port
  • Estimated 30,000 hrs/ 20,000 hrs life (eco/normal mode)
  • 100/200 ANSI lumens
  • 2 x 2W built in speakers
  • 1 : 1.13 throw … mean for every 1m away from the wall the projected image is 1.13m in size. This is very big projection using a very small throw distance
  • Keystone +- 40 degrees

It was a 5 mins decision to purchase this when i saw it. Firstly i have a soft spot for Benq projectors. Secondly the size is just small and it is powerful w high resolution unlike the other pico projectors out there. Tested it last night and i cannot be any happier.